20 Sketches in 20 days – Day 1

July 2019 is the 20th anniversary since Director Tony McBurney started integrated DESIGN group, over the next 20 days (or so) we intend to share a collection of sketches that capture the fundamentals of the relationships and design principles we have explored with Clients, Consultants and our team over this time.

We start with one of our first projects, the master plan for Hunterford, an exploration of housing typologies and lot sizes in partnership with LandcomMichael ScottMark Monk and many others. Key to this project is the deliberate relationships established between private and public spaces, the relationships established with our communities are significantly influenced by the way these interfaces are designed, good design enables the nurturing interactions that are key to healthy communities. Hunterford was recognized with the 2003 RAIA Premiers Award & 2004 UDIA National Award for Excellence – Medium Density Housing

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