A new chapter for Integrated Design Group

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the next, and significant phase in succession planning for the strong and sustainable future of integratedDESIGNgroup. Founding Director, Tony McBurney, is transferring his share of ownership, giving Simon Thorne full control of the business for the next period. Directors Andrew Elia and Josh Andren are stepping into even more significant leadership in line with long term planning and restructuring that has been underway for some time. Tony is remaining with integratedDESIGNgroup, continuing support of the Company’s Thought Leadership and staff mentoring priorities, reinforcing dissemination of the company’s distinguished Intellectual Property, but free of the demands and responsibility of ownership.

“It is particularly pleasing to see control of the business transitioning naturally through very long-standing relationships”. Simon and Tony’s friendship has been progressively ‘maturing’ over 30 years from the time when Simon was embarking on his Christian faith and architectural interests with Tony’s encouragement, through the recent 16 years of equal and valuable partnership, into Simon’s fully independent leadership role, now encouraging Tony’s continued professional expression and faith. Within the business, Josh Andren, the company’s first ‘work experience’ employee more than 19 years ago becomes Tony’s ‘boss’ in the continuing Bathurst office and as part of Josh’s leadership across our 3 locations. For more than a decade in the business Andrew Elia has exercised his personal conviction for the Christian principles and priorities on which the company is founded and now, in addition to his admirable design leadership and staff welfare capacity, takes an even more important role in support of Simon guiding our philosophic direction. These long term, ‘real life’, dynamic and highly valued relationships typify the company statement of “Living Relationships in Built Form”.

The building industry is in another of it’s challenging phases and the architectural profession is on the next threshold of exciting morphosis. This is the time when companies like integratedDESIGNgroup step most clearly to the forefront in leadership that changes how business happens and purposefully changes the outcomes for the communities we serve. We have lead the way now for 2 decades, especially in core areas of general market and affordable housing, seniors living, education and other forms of community making. This timely company transition sets the path for renewed vision, courageous blue-sky exploration and technological advancement, while continuing to leverage long, broad and deep experience.

We are looking forward to a bright future in service of our clients and the communities in which they operate.

Tony and Simon

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