we are community makers.

integratedDESIGNgroup is at the frontier with developers aspiring to a more sustainable ‘urbanity’, housing a population growing in both size and sophistication.


integratedDESIGNgroup p/l was established as an architectural practice in Bathurst, NSW in 1999. We then opened an office in North Strathfield, Sydney in 2004, and in 2015, opened a third office in Penrith. Our team is building a strong reputation in a varied range of architectural endeavour from residential to commercial and institutional projects. Opportunities in advancing residential design have enabled the company to demonstrate insight and innovation in both the character and delivery methods for residential estates.

our vision

integratedDESIGNgroup architects affirms our vision of living relationships in built form which is at the heart of our company, our people, our work.

living relationships

our architecture promotes the growth and sustenance of relationships between our clients, our staff, our society, and the environment in which we live.
we are community makers.

built form

our architecture is the space you inhabit | elegant, efficient, affordable and effective solutions with a purpose.

aged care design specialist

Through a dedicated and considered approach to healthy and active living, environmental sustainability and community engagement, our work in the seniors living and aged care space will set the standard for community developments into the future. Read more...

bathurst | penrith | sydney

integratedDESIGNgroup architects operates as one office, spanning three geographic locations. We are well positioned strategically in all three locations, from Bathurst in the central west region to Penrith and North Strathfield, Sydney. Read more...

acclamations and testimonials

integratedDESIGNgroup graciously acknowledges recognition from peers for our work as a testament to the clients we work for, the people we work with, and the philosophy and beliefs we stand by. Read more...

architectural design process

Whether private or corporate clients, our endeavour is to understand ‘normal’ construction technologies and apply these in creative ways for a cost effective and innovative result. Read more...

how we work

1 collaboration
At integratedDESIGNgroup our work process is a truly collaborative experience, and no project in our office is the result of one individual. Read more...

2 methodology
Our methodology is project specific, and is designed to respond to the priorities and needs of our clients. However, the fundamentals of our methodologies are simple. Read more...

3 one office | three locations integratedDESIGNgroup works as one office across three locations. We work, share and critique across a linked network, allowing our staff to be engaged and bring experience to projects regardless of their location.