aged care and seniors living specialist

Through a dedicated and considered approach to healthy and active living, environmental sustainability and community engagement, our work in the seniors living and aged care space will set the standard for community developments into the future.

  • fit for purpose

    intedratedDESIGNgroup takes great care to ‘fit’ buildings into the context in which they are built. This context is both physical and social. Not only are certain areas characterised by particular forms of building, but also, the people who live in these places have particular perceptions about what different building forms represent.

    The Aged Care and Seniors’ Living sector is undergoing its own re-characterisation. Care models are progressing from institutional formulae to individualised person-centred priorities. This is now well established, but as this progresses into a tightening economic and regulatory environment, new ‘formulaic’ responses become harder for some to resist.

  • design for community integration

    The design challenge in providing a modern age care ‘facility’ is in augmenting a care community while enhancing the dignity and recognising the personality of the individuals who will call it ‘home’ (and not “a home”). While the natural form of buildings are commonly large, we will want to explore with our clients opportunities to address the street in keeping with the scale of neighbouring houses, and presenting a residential rather than institutional front door. We know it is commonplace for other “residential aged care facilities” to be characterised by bombastic porte cochere in dramatic architectural ferver – but that is not our starting presumption.

  • engagement with the world outside

    We appreciate that much of latter life is necessarily lived indoors, but that does not mean the appreciation of passive engagement with the outside is lessened. Our aged living environments typically enjoy ‘transparency’ through the buildings, with a lightness of space and volume and carefully framed views of external assets. It is possible to appreciate ‘living amongst the garden’ without living ‘in’ the garden. But when a stroll in the garden, or a potter amongst the plants is possible, this can be engaging and safe.

  • high quality & modern buildings

    The market success of our decade-long involvement in aged care architectural projects attests our capability to deliver high quality and modern buildings within the quiet, solid, stately forms that resonate with residents of discriminating capacity.

  • dementia specific design specialist

    We have extensive experience in environmental design auditing of facilities offering dementia care thanks to our architectural consultancy services to The Dementia Centre.

These are some of the guiding principles that will begin to inform a journey with our clients as, together, we develop a complex overlay of elements that will create an efficient, safe working environment for caregivers and a comfortable, secure and dignified dwelling place for those who have attained due respect in our community.

Together, we will be expressing living relationships in built form.