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Sophisticated, simple operating technology connects our team of architects such that the full resources of the office can be brought to bear to meet our clients requirements, no matter where they’re based across the Sydney and central west region. We are small enough to keep communication possible, and large enough to deploy deep resources in a coordinated manner.


It’s here that we gave rise to our core philosophy and a passion for regional development. By remaining here in Bathurst, NSW, Australia’s oldest in land city, we know how important having a vision and ‘big picture’ view of urban design and the built form environment in regional towns and villages can have on nurturing sustainable social patterns and growth.

Tony McBurney, Director, first established integratedDESIGNgroup from his home in 1999, where we are still located today. Everything that represents Bathurst and its incredibly rich architectural heritage surrounds us everyday in the 1871 built building we call home. The character and tradition oozes from every brick and piece of timber, and it’s here we drive great inspiration.

Tony moved to regional NSW with his wife Sarah about 20 years ago, starting a family and business, and with them a passion for the growth of regional Australia. It’s in Bathurst, NSW that Tony and the local team of Architects and a General Manager ‘live the dream’ and ‘walk the talk’ that is regional Australia and everything it stands for. Our doors remain open in the hope that we can help rural communities find good, smart and very cost effective ways of developing a diversified future through aesthetic and affordable architecture.

There’s always a job for someone who’s willing to ‘live the dream’ with us out here in the central west. You just need to come visit and make contact. It will be great to meet you!

What’s even more exciting is we are soon moving to a new home on Bentinck St, Bathurst. Stay tuned and follow our blog on the latest developments as we work to transform an iconic piece of Bathurst architectural history into an aspirational and modern commercial space.


Our newest edition to the integratedDESIGNgroup family. Opened in June 2015, the Penrith office was established strategically as a satellite operation to offer close collaboration and support for local businesses, developers and staff who have family and homes in the region.

Our Associate Director, Andrew Elia, leads the team out of the Penrith office. At a small 56sqm of space and located within the Westfield precinct (Borec House) in the commercial heart of Penrith, it’s cozy and close enough to plenty of amenities and businesses.

We look forward to many more years of operating out of Penrith.

north strathfield

In 2004, Simon Thorne, Director, celebrated his partnership in the business with the opening of our first Sydney-based office. Located within the old Arnott’s Biscuit Factory on George St, North Strathfield, our office space transformed itself from what was originally the staff toilet block. It took an architectural firm like us to see the potential in what such a great and light-filled space could offer.

Home to over 18 architectural staff and some administration staff, North Strathfield is strategically located for us to participate in key projects in the area and across the Sydney basin. We have ‘skin in the game’ in relation to projects in this area in professional relationships; in personal investment; and in family amenity. We have regular and efficient access to all Sydney Councils and have a strong reputation for getting projects moving fast.