Whether private or corporate clients, our endeavour is to understand ‘normal’ construction technologies and apply these in creative ways for a cost effective and innovative result.  These insights have been gained working in a team environment with a number of builders and higher market developers.  Addressing issues of environmental, social and economic sustainability is integral to our philosophy, and fundamental to the way we approach all aspects of our practice.


At integratedDESIGNgroup our work process is a truly collaborative experience, and no project in our office is the result of one individual.

True to our vision, we work in relationship with others; from the initial discussion with our clients, through the design decisions within our team, to the application of experience and expertise of consultants, to the final outcome of the construction phase with a builder.

We believe that our role as an architect is to understand the ideas, parameters and experience from many different sources, and bring them together into one harmonious solution.


Our methodology is project specific, and is designed to respond to the priorities and needs of our clients. However, the fundamentals of our methodologies are simple.

We begin by gathering information and prioritising objectives, distilling unique and common characteristics, and understanding contexts and codified controls.

From this, ideas and inspiration are born… and are tested toward considered options for our clients’ assessment.

Our process includes client review and ‘sign-off’ stages that mark a steady progress toward agreed results.

We know our experience is valuable, but we don’t presume anything. Every project is a new opportunity.

one office | three locations

integratedDESIGNgroup works as one office across three locations. Using technologies available we communicate, work, share and critique across a linked network, allowing our staff to be engaged and bring experience to projects regardless of their location – distance is no barrier.

Have a new opportunity you would like to explore with us? Don’t be shy – let’s connect and discuss the potential.