integratedDESIGNgroup has always had strong commitment to people and their communities. The fundamental Christian ethics that Tony and Simon bring to the company are reflected in the work that we have been involved in, and continues to influence the future directions of the company.

From the ‘House of Hearts’ fund raising project initiated by Landcom in Western Sydney to a visionary masterplan to revitalise the war-torn city of Gulu in Uganda, we see relationships between people and their community as the focus of our architecture.


integratedDESIGNgroup continues to explore new ways to interact with our clients, our profession, and the wider public. We invite you stay in touch with our projects, keep up to date with our activities, and interact directly with us.

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people of integratedDESIGNgroup

integratedDESIGNgroup is a young and vibrant team dedicated to design outcomes that build from the experience and knowledge of our senior team, through the fresh ideas and adventurous nature of our new graduates. Meet the team...


friends and business partners that we're proud to have shared a long and fruitful working relationship with and continue to do so into the future. Read more...


The vision of integratedDESIGNgroup goes beyond the simple the procurement of buildings. We are a company dedicated to the the improvement and growth of the communities in which we live and with which we interact.

community outreach and support

Supported by our belief in the equality of all human beings under God and an understanding of “community” as an expression of cooperative relationships in which humans thrive, integratedDESIGNgroup takes the opportunity to join with others in our community as advocates and instigators for a fairer and more sustainable society. Read more...

sustainable cities

integratedDESIGNgroup believes that ‘sustainability’ at it’s core level is about “what will you share and on what terms will you share it?” “a key challenge … is in ensuring that material wellbeing and economic opportunities are available to all Australians.” – A sustainable population strategy for Australia | Australian Government | dept SEWPC We are involved in events which promote thought about future communities and how we will live together.

Built Environment Meets Parliament (BEMP)
We are proud to have been a sponsor of BEMP – a forum for industry and government representatives to explore the economic, social, environmental and governance issues that influence national prosperity.

World Eco-cities Summit
We were members of the 2011 summit in Montreal which draws upon our collective experience, creativity and commitment to creating livable, just and sustainable cities.