aspect apartments | potts hill

Having previously prepared the feasibility study for Landcom, integratedDESIGNgroup were engaged to develop the scheme to DA by JSN HANNA.

Containing 96 NE/NW facing units across 5 buildings the development is carefully arranged to connect existing bushland view corridors whilst presenting the residential flat buildings (RFB) as large houses when viewed from the park opposite. A typical floor plate has been applied that uses orientation, topography, street address, plug on elements and changes in storey heights to create a dynamic streetscape, disguising an underlying repetition and affordability.

Many of the ground floor garden apartments have a `garden’ entry resulting in the threshold of the building and the public domain becoming an inviting, accessible and active space that encourages neighbourly discussions over the fence. The outcome is a `new community’ and gateway marker to the Landcom redevelopment of Sydney Water’s Potts Hill site.