drummoyne house alterations

IntergatedDESIGNgroup Architects were engaged to draw together and complete house alterations and additions to ‘Montrose’ in Drummoyne. First built in 1896, it then changed hands for the first time in 1950 when some minor alterations were undertaken. In 2008 it was sold for the second time and the rear ‘fibro garage’ was replaced by a new garage and studio in 2010 designed by Architects Silvester Fuller, who drew on the neighbouring water tower for inspiration.

The owners did not want to remove the original rear service rooms, having a preference to retain the historic footprint of the house but also wanting to ‘complete’ the project. Our work repurposes the existing rear rooms, retaining the essences of the original dwelling whilst adding a new kitchen, family space and master bedroom. Spatially, the building is sculpted around the existing components, ensuring light and air easily penetrate the building form and accentuating the juxtaposition of old to new.

In its completed form this is a unique family home that rejoices in all of the history and lives that have been shaped and will continue to be for many years. Our client observed a few months after completion, ‘I now come home early most days so that I can finish my day working at home and just enjoying being in the house’.

Winner in the  Master Builder’s awards for 2017