IntegratedDESIGNgroup continues their long standing relationship with Advantaged Care in the design of this 279 bed Edensor Park Residential Aged Care project.

Consisting of two individual homes with their own `front doors’ and unique identities, both buildings address the community park, with their front doors leading directly to the facility reception and onto the communal areas which have been positioned to wrap along the contours of the site. This arrangement provides the opportunity to transition from public, to semi-public, to semi-private and finally private spaces, reflective of the contextual orientations of the site.

Edensor Park is designed around an operational and living ‘spine’ working along the contours that connects the different building elements. The external form of this is modulated along its length in stage 1 as it breaks open to connect with the landscaped courtyards and terraces between private residential wings. In stage 2 the spine is still attuned to the contours but it is established along the eastern boundary and is expressed through a more civic collection of terraces and a colonnade addressing the existing park.

The residential (bedroom components) of each stage radiate off the communal area and finish in a distinct form, each of a similar scale to the neighbouring residential buildings and aligned with the general pattern of building footprints and streets. These private single uses spaces are located to the more residential interfaces with neighbouring properties. These separate residential ‘houses’ connect to this curved spine (or internal street), defining differing residential care environments. The spaces between each housing Pavilion become enclosed but have generously landscaped courtyards that define the ethos and quality of the living environment.

With the facility footprint aligned to recognise the surrounding residence footprint, it follows that the `green space’ or garden space between neighbouring dwellings is also aligned reinforcing the natural `grain’ of the building form in the adjoining suburb. Aligning the green spaces maximises the privacy of the garden spaces for both neighbouring dwellings and the residents of the proposed facilities.

Edensor Park Residential Aged Care buildings will become `home’ to elderly residents allowing them to remain close to family and friends in the local community.