hope of the nations school masterplan

A new school masterplan for Hope of the Nations in Kigoma, Tanzania

In 2013, two of the IDG team travelled to Kigoma in Tanzania and worked as part of an EMI (Engineering Ministries International) team of volunteers to develop a masterplan for a new school for the Hope of the Nations Ministry. Developed in 7 days the masterplan delivered classrooms, administration, kitchen, library, teacher accommodation and amenity buildings for a primary school of 300 children. Hope of the Nations established the school to provide education for orphans and disadvantaged children in one of the poorest areas of Kigoma and seek to educate local teachers to be able to work with the children.

We were blessed to be able to spend time with both the teachers and children in their local community centre to learn about their hopes and desires for the new school. Colour, good air movement, protection from the rain, protection from the sun, no bats in the ceilings, larger classrooms, separate teaching areas, space for a garden, play equipment and room for soccer were just some of the common themes.

The first stage of the school was built in 2014, it continues to grow and change the lives of local children providing education that they would not normally receive.