kellyville charity house

Launched in February 2004 at Landcom’s Tallowood Hills estate in Kellyville, just next to the Homeworld IV site, the initiative sought to build a home to raise money for the children’s hospital at Westmead. The project attracted a range of key supporters in a very short space of time, with integratedDESIGNgroup donating their services to design a child-safe and environmentally friendly home along with Cosmopolitan Living, who constructed the residence at no cost. Reflecting the generosity of the building industry, over 40 suppliers agreed to donate products and services at either no cost or significantly reduced rates.

The sunrise program on Channel 7 came on board and regularly updated the progress of the building, which culminated in a live cross to the site the morning it was officially opened. The house was auctioned off, and raised over $700,000 for the Children’s hospital.