lawson village centre

The Lawson Village centre is a boutique retail development of 10 Shops fronting the Great Western Highway at Lawson in the Blue Mountains. The buildings iconic tower is strategically located and designed to `mark’ the new town centre following the recent renewal and upgrade works to the Great Western Highway.

  • The project provides a variety of modern shops that address all 3 site frontages providing active edges
  • Voids and roof forms ensure that even the lower floor south facing units feel bright and spacious
  • Level changes provide a hierarchy of public space, encouraging interaction with the  community
  • ‘plug-on’ elements add individuality to standardized buildings, optimising construction efficiencies
  • Individual entrances to shops provide clear and distinct entries
  • environmental control measures are integrated into the site layout and the building form and orientation
  • passive surveillance and passive engagement measures are integrated to encourage the best possible social outcome….there is no `rear wall’.