o’connell residence

Rural retreat in O’Connell, NSW

The owners of this new home sought to establish a family retreat on their rural property. The main ‘dining hall’ is the meeting place, the stage-set for shared company and fine food. The décor has a robust elegance, combining warmth and security with formal order.

The mixed use of natural and textured materials with the simple modern lines of the design give the dwelling a lively and homely character. The dining hall has been distinguished in the hierarchy of the elevation by the use of the weatherboard texture of wall cladding. The entrance passage, dividing the guest wing from the rest of the dwelling, utilises the warmth & texture of old railway sleepers in contrast with the more subtle rendered paintwork of the building. Similarly the stone work at the entrance and the fireplace is highlighted by the simple form of the room and the more neutral tones of the walls.